New international PETA campaign

In a time where we have all the options in the world to stay warm and look stylish, there is simply no excuse for fur. I wanted to express my support for animals and take a stand against the cruelty that often goes along with the fur making. Often theese poor animals are being skinned alive and bleed to death. Their  pain and suffering is ungodly  – and we keep flaunting fur? Even though we have wonderful faux fur to style with? This lacks any common sense and frankly it lacks soul. I was proud to shoot this campaign with one of the greatest photographers in the world Antoine Verglas and am amazing how much support this campaign received. My manager & publicist Nadja  from Pole Position Management produced the shoot and the campaign video with a zero budget. This shows how much we can do , ….if we just put our passion and creativity  into it. The ad has been featured in the biggest news organs in the world from Germany to the US , from Turkey to Thailand. It was frontpage news on Foxnews and on the leading turkish newspapers both. If this lead more people to get informed about fur and make a choice against buying fur in the future, then I am simply happy and grateful….The emails my team and I have received from all over the world are encouraging and heartwarming both. Thank you. One of the latest media organs to run our ads is VOGUE  Taiwan (see below ) . Simply wonderful.


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